When you access our website, information about your visit (date, time, pages viewed) is saved on our server. This data is used solely for statistical purposes. The data is only evaluated anonymously. Where our Web content provides you with the option to enter personal or commercial information (email addresses, names, addresses), then the user discloses this data on an explicitly voluntary basis. If you send us an email or voluntarily provide us with data during the course of public events (trade fairs, conferences, etc.) or customer visits, your email address and other[1] personal details will only be used for personal correspondence with you.
Your information will be treated with confidence in line with the applicable statutory regulations. Without your express consent, or without a legal basis, your personal data will not be passed on to third parties uninvolved with contract implementation. Following full contract implementation, your data will be blocked from further use.
This data is deleted once the applicability of regulations relating to tax and commercial law have expired, unless you have expressly consented to its further use. If your personal data is required for the establishment, content arrangement or amendment of a contractual relationship (master data), it will be used exclusively for contract implementation. In order to deliver your goods, for example, your name and address must be passed on to the freight forwarder. It is permitted for all services offered to be made use of even without providing such data, or by providing anonymised data or pseudonyms, provided it is technical feasible and reasonable to do this. The use of contact data, such as postal address, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses, found in the legal information section or comparable sources by third parties for sending unsolicited information is not permitted. We expressly reserve the right to take legal action against the senders of so-called “spam” mail if this prohibition is violated.

your legal rights

You can assert your legal rights under the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG) to information (§ 26 of the DSG), correction or erasure (§ 27 of the DSG) and to object to the use of your personal data (§ 28 of the DSG) via email to

Cookie Statement

We do not set cookies that require your consent.
Only the following cookie is set, which is necessary from a technical point of view to visit this website:

Name: K5 (session cookie) for this domain
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Google Search Console

We measure the page views with the “Google Search Console” tool. This provides:
Information collected through crawling (e.g. loading speed, information on optimization for mobile devices, etc.)
Information about search queries that resulted in this website appearing in search results
Clicks on individual pages are automated through crawling

Google cannot draw conclusions about users, the data is only available in its total frequency.

Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps to display map information. When using Google Maps, data is collected, processed and used by Google about the use of the map function by visitors of the Web pages. You can find out more information on data processing by Google in the privacy notices of Google at There, in the privacy centre, you can also modify your settings so that you can manage and protect your data.

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