We dimension the machines necessary for your demanding grinding process.
The requirement to treat the fibre material appropriately for the process represents a great challenge.
We support you in this regard using our experience and find the right solution for your grinding process together with you.
According to the requirements, disc or conical refiners are used.
We supply single-disc refiners and conical refiners ranging in size from the smallest machines for test systems in technology centres up to capacities of 200 t/day and refiners.

Our services:

  • Design and planning of the machine as per your requirements
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation

8 – 26″ Disc refiner

Throughput ranges of

80 – 2,000 l/min

18.5 – 400kW motor

Conical refiners

Throughput ranges of

250 – 2,000 l/min

18.5 – 400kW motor

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