LC / MD Cleaners

We develop the right solution for you for stock cleaning in the thin stock range (to 2.5% consistency) tailored specially to your requirements.
We dimension and produce our cleaner systems according to the capacities required.
Due to our technology, we achieve the lowest reject losses and can thus save 70–95% on reject quantities (depending on the raw materials used) compared to our competitors with a cleaning effect that is at least comparable.
Depending on the application, designs are used here with special stainless steel cones or in part with all-ceramic lining.
Depending on the size of the system, cleaner systems are built with 1–3 stages, which also achieves energy savings.
Throughput ranges from 150 l/min to an unlimited rate (depending on total throughput requirements)

Our services:

  • Design and planning
  • Production
  • Documentation

CSF Cleaners

Our CSF cleaners are used in the thin stock range (to 2.5% consistency) in accordance with the size of the system in the first and second cleaner stages. The system is designed as a rotary distributor with central inflow for operation that is absolutely free of deposits and blockages and has low space requirements. With optimised reject dilution, the reject rate can be controlled and blockages prevented.
To do this, reject cones with a special outlet geometry are used (full circular outlet area due to special tangential reject dilution). For special applications, the cleaners can also be equipped with a light-reject and air discharge mechanism.

SL Cleaners

This cleaner type is used as a final stage cleaner in the thin stock range (to 1.5% consistency).
In order to meet the output demands for every application, these cleaners are designed and produced according to your needs.
Incorporating our expertise, with these cleaners we are able to keep material losses and wastewater quantities to a minimum while simultaneously significantly reducing energy consumption.

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